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Microsoft sued for misrepresentation

Microsoft’s newly released and much publicized ‘Surface Tablet’ is facing a law suit from a Californian based lawyer. This situation has risen due to false storage space claimed by the company in the promotion of its “Surface”. Andrew Sokolowski, a lawyer in Los Angeles has claimed that he has brought a “Surface” with 32GB gigabytes of storage last week. Initially, he was happy with the way the gadget was performing.

However early this week, Andrew witnessed that the Microsoft tablet ran out of space after he loaded it with some music files and few MS Word Documents. He discovered that a significant portion of the 32GB storage space was occupied by the operating system and some pre-loaded applications which include word and excel. As a result, the tablet only has 16GB free space left in it.

Sokolowski’s lawyers have filed for a suit against Microsoft and its false advertising, including its unfair business practices at the Superior Court in Los Angeles.

The aim of the suit is to change the false advertising policy of Microsoft and to force the company to give back its revenues and profits gained from the wrongful conduct.

Microsoft has immediately responded and said that suit is without any merit and will be claimed as false in the court of law soon. The company claims that its Windows 8 OS and pre-installed applications reside on the device’s internal storage and will indeed reduce the total free space. It added in a press release that the user can extend the storage space of its tablet by adding the microSD slot and USB port.

Additionally, Microsoft has already confirmed on November 5th, 2012 by saying that it’s 32GB space will automatically reduce to 16GB space, due to the presence of the OS and applications. It also revealed that the 64GB space on its “Surface” will get reduced to 45GB free space. From October 26th, 2012 the Surface tablet went on with its sales and Sokolowski has brought the device on November 7th, 2012.

However, Mr. Andrew’s legal representatives claim that their client never saw the latest advertisement of Microsoft and brought the device. They assert that the details on its website were in buried format and were almost invisible to its users. They also added that, instead of a separate web release, Microsoft should have revealed the same on an open note, in its media promotions.

Generally, all tablets like take Apple iPAD for instance, do include their OS and other pre loaded applications on user’s memory. So, as a result almost 7% -11% of the total memory is occupied by the company and the left of space is given to the users.

But in the case of Microsoft latest tablet, from its 32GB space, if almost 40% to 55% is occupied by the company’s OS and apps, then it is not a worthy investment. This is what the law suit will be focusing upon and will try to corner Microsoft at its best.

Bloomberg recently launched a front Cover based on Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer in their Businessweek -


In support of the lawsuit faced by Microsoft, Michael Gartenberg- Research director for Gartner INC. expressed his views and said that the company has already announced that its SURFACE will be available with much less memory, than its competitors. But he expressed a surprise that Windows 8 OS and word are occupying a huge chunk of space on the Surface tablet, which happens to be a big turn off.

Already, Microsoft is getting a load of complaints from its Surface users, who are not happy with the working of WiFi on the tablet. The cause for this technical glitch is due to a software issue which may be caused by buggy code or a driver conflict.

Now, the latest lawsuit is adding fire to the issue and may also hinder the sales of the tablet.

Hope, Microsoft tries to resolve this lawsuit as soon as possible and avoids any kind of media embarrassment on a further note.

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